Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 22nd, 1976

Hard day at work.

Discussed calling Phyllis with Mom...sorta.

Still enjoying THE WALTONS. I'm glad ODE TO BILLIE JOE got me watching the show again because of the Southern tie-in. Might lead to me going to see that movie again this weekend!

Got the new RBCC.

Still feeling very creative but I can't seem to come up with a good story at all or even come up with a good poem! Ugh!

NOTES: Nothing worse than feeling creative and not being able to create. Right now, for example, I have to finish a short story. I was hoping to have it done by last weekend. I haven't even looked at what I have this week. Just...ugh!

I really did have a love/hate thing with THE WALTONS. The writing and acting was generally top-notch and I dearly loved THE HOMECOMING, which spawned the series. Heck, I even loved SPENCER'S MOUNTAIN with Henry Fonda, a feature film adapted from the same source material years earlier. By this late point it could be said that the 1972 CBS series was getting a little creaky but it continued on for several more years. Even afterwards, it would be revived in TV movies.

Star Richard Thomas reportedly came through my store at the airport a few years back...but I was off that day. ):

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  1. The Homecoming is one of my favorites as well. I watch it every Christmas. I recall my mother making a big deal about it being on when it originally aired. How we gasped when Mary Ellen called her siblings a bunch of Piss Ants.