Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday, July 16th, 1976

THE BIG DAY! Had a hard time getting to sleep but I awoke at just past 6:30. Watched Rona review Clint's new flick on GMA before anyone else woke up.

Then, for the first time in my life...I saw a naked woman in person!!! I'm sure it was! I was looking through the still-closed curtain across the forum and there she was, looking out from another room! At first, I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman but then I saw her kind of jiggling up and down and then put a bra on! Just wish I could've seen it better. Boy!

I was really nervous about going over to the Con for fear of having to hunt for it but eventually I did finally go. I went in through a side door. One of the first people I saw was DeForest Kelley! I stood next to him while he was being interviewed on TV. Wow!

I bought lots of stuff right away including some undergrounds, SALLY FORTH, 2001 and more! I stumbled onto an area where they were running the STAR TREK episode, "The Tholian Web" on a pretty big screen and I snuck in and found a seat at the back. The place was packed!

After that, I headed back to the room. I went back down to the Convention a little bit later for about another hour and spent the remainder of my money on more stuff. And that was all I saw of Omnicon. I never even found any of the artists or panels or anything!

When I got back to our room (2174) there was a cute maid there!

Went with Mom and Dad back to that same restaurant for dinner and I had delicious chili. I kind of got mad at her though when she insisted I take the salad that came with it. Then she insisted I choose what type of dressing I wanted when I told her I didn't want dressing!! So...she brought it with 4 types of dressing on each of the four sides of it! I refused to touch it. I do NOT eat salad!

Tonight I watched a LOST IN SPACE episode on TV. Haven't seen that show in years! Also saw DeForest Kelley on the news on two different stations. Couldn't tell if either was the spot I saw them filming earlier. This time I stayed up to watch YOU BET YOUR LIFE. also.

NOTES: Yep. Big day. First time--at age 17--I'd ever seen a naked woman in person. Or at least I was pretty sure it was a naked woman! Not quite sure, mind you but...I DON'T wanna hear it! Jeez....

So after the whole year of anticipating OMNICON...I went for what sounds like maybe two and a half hours and then was ready to head home. The Convention lasted three days, I spent all my money in a couple hours and was too shy to ask anybody directions and too flustered to take the time to figure out the schedule seen here. I would have dearly loved meeting Don Rosa, a favorite even then and now an International comics superstar throughout much of the world! I've met him a few times since and he's even been known to read and comment on my blogs from time to time. This was basically his Con...and I never even saw him to the best of my knowledge. He told me later, if I recall correctly, that the convention lost money which is why it never became a big annual event as intended.

Also never saw Frank Brunner--This was, I believe the third con I missed him at! Decades later, I'd miss him again. I have STILL never seen Frank Brunner! Missed seeing Mike Kaluta, also, although we are at this point casual Facebook pals.

As far as the salad incident, that still galls me. I told that waitress to skip the salad. I simply don't like salads! And I like the thought of them even less with goopy stuff poured all over them so when I said no dressing, she should have listened to me! The combined smell of the mess he put on with 4 different dressings about made me sick! I told Dad not to tip her but Mom explained they didn't make much money so Dad gave her a big tip anyway. I really didn't touch the stuff! I think Mom may have nibbled on it a little bit. Yuck.

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  1. My OMNICON! 35 years ago... TODAY! If you had not posted this comment, I would never have realized that.