Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 12th, 1976


Saw two new game shows and a lot of specials including Rona's talk with four favorites and part of THE DAWN OF LAUREL AND HARDY.

Also heard that Cher had a bouncing baby boy!

NOTES: Slow day, I guess.

Cher's new addition was her son with musician Gregg Allman, the wonderfully named Elijah Blue Allman. A few years later, my future wife, Rene, would be in line for something at Disneyworld when she heard a familiar voice behind her and turned to see a somewhat disguised Cher (hair tied up in a kerchief and wearing sunglasses) trying to calm her hot and tired little boy, just like any other mother. "Elijah, honey, I know you're tired. We'll get through the line soon." She didn't let on that she recognized her.

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  1. And that baby boy went on to form an industrial band.