Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 5th, 1976

I watched sometime Marvel writer John Jakes on GOOD MORNING AMERICA this morning.

Mom and Dad began their vacation by shopping over the river where they got to see part of the local parade. Mom bought me anew suit--sort of--for our travels...which may well begin as soon as tomorrow.

We helped Mr.Perky with the SS trash but that's the last time we have to deal with it for two weeks.

Hundreds of cars flooded the parking lot tonight as there were more fireworks down at the river.

NOTES: Years later, when I was managing bookstores, John Jakes was one of the most asked about authors. His bestseller, THE BASTARD, had been made into an early, popular TV miniseries. After years of pulps and sci-fi/fantasy genre books, the man suddenly found himself at the top of the Bestseller lists each time he had a new book. Hs NORTH AND SOUTH became his most popular book yet and led to another successful mini-series! In 1976, though, it hadn't been that much earlier when he was adapting his Brak the Brabarian character for Marvel comics.

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  1. I read this entry because that day was my 3rd birthday. It's funny, 'cause I do remember a local TV station (in fact the only one available in the small city I grew up back in the day) broadcasting the "North and South" mini-series, years later. Congratulations on the blog, it's a great idea. (I saw it at BoingBoing)