Sunday, July 3, 2011


NOTES:Well it isn't quite July 4th here in 2011 but it IS Sunday so here we have some old-school Sunday funnies! Seen here are a few of the strips I actually clipped out back then. Since July 4th, 1976--the Bicentennial!--was on a Sunday, most of that day's comic strips dealt with the theme. Some notable ones, including PEANUTS, did not. I clipped a number of the ones that did. Because of how big they were in 1976 (as opposed to how tiny today), I had to scan parts separately and case you're wondering why they look a little off. Since some didn't have that natural break in the center or toward the end, I wasn't able to get those properly at all and so chose not to run them. Enjoy!

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  1.…/pop-cu…/a-bronze-age-july-4th# -- Here is my column for ENR . It describes my Bicentennial weekend .