Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, August 1st, 1976

Well...they said it wouldn't last and it looks like they were right. Seems the Northern KY Bookstore, for reasons presently unknown, has closed. Instead of seeing the John Wayne flick, I talked Mom and Dad into us going out to Ricky's and that's where I heard the news. Sigh.

Had a heck of a time getting there! We passed up both entrances at least twice each! Was fun though when we finally made it. Rick and I talked about comics the whole day and made sort of a deal to go to the next Con that comes to town together.

Rachel's hair has become blonde! She swears it's natural. Just happened, she says!

NOTES: For most of my youth, my cousins had lived out in the proverbial middle of nowhere. To go visiting meant a long ride out a long, winding country road out past the edge f town. Then they moved into Erlanger...near Debbie and near the Northern Kentucky Bookstore. The drawback was that it was up on a hill. A very, very steep hill that my dad hated to drive up. It was also hard to see as you were driving the road as it was just past a curve. In later years when my wife and I would visit as adults, I would park across the street and we'd walk up!

Rachel's hair, by the way, has remained blonde ever since. I hope she pardons me for still being suspicious.

The relatively quick closing of the Northern Kentucky Bookstore left the entire area without an actual comic book store. The man who owned NKBS would try again and again but ultimately it would be one of his customers who would start the one that would last to this very day.

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