Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, Aug 16th, 1976

Stayed home today 'til after THAT GIRL. Good thing, too, 'cause it's finally being taken off and I want to try to catch all of this last week's episodes. I remember seeing today's episode when it was first on. Ann bumps into her real life father Danny playing a priest. She said, "Excuse me, father," to which he replied, "Of course, my child." Ha ha ha ha! I also read in the paper today that Marlo's going to guest on her father's current series, THE PRACTICE soon.

Then I went to Zinzinnati where I picked up dinner, lottery tickets and...at long last...CHANDLER! Finally. Wasn't able to avoid HUSTLER this time but nothing happened because of it.

Got the new TBG. Says that the Brunner book is finally out so hopefully I'll get mine soon. Also says Ray Bradbury is going to appear in STAR*REACH! Neat!

NOTES: Everything Bradbury did excited me at this point. Unfortunately in this case, when that issue came out later in the year, it featured one of Bradbury's poems.The one thing I don't like about Ray is his poetry. His prose reads like poetry...but his poetry itself is, in my opinion, horrible. In this case, to add insult to injury it was illustrated by one of my least favorite comics artists of the period, Alex Nino. The best thing about that issue, in fact, would be the cover by Jeff Jones. In recent years, the artist then known as Jeffery Catherine Jones would become my friend through the Internet and actually quote me on her (yes, her. It's complicated) website. She died in 2011.

CHANDLER was another one of those mini graphic novels, this one the first new work by writer/artist Jim Steranko in several years. Ultimately I found it disappointing due to its size and printing issues on the cheap paper. Later printings on better paper and at a larger size served the material much better.

The photo at the top shows Marlo Thomas from her later guest appearance with her father Danny on his semi-succcessful show, THE PRACTICE.

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