Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, Aug 25th, 1976

Hard rain this morning early.

I called Gribbell just after 9. I was so nervous. Less than a minute and he said they had cancelled the idea. That I didn't need the certificate. I'll believe it more when I see it.

By the time I got to Cincy late this afternoon, it was burning up! I bought a few oldies at Ohio Book Store. Got to thumb through some Fawcetts and old DC's, also.

CBG gave me the opportunity to order the WINGS OVER AMERICA concert in a three record set called WINGS FROM THE WINGS for about double what I paid to see them live. For the bicentennial--for no apparent reason--it's $17.76 and comes in red, white and blue vinyl, one LP each.

Frankie and Annette were on TV tonight as was the debut of Bert Convy which had Lenny Schultz who I read about in HUSTLER. He played the Bionic Chicken.

My anatomy art is improving. I can hardly wait to collect PLAYBOY.

NOTES: Gribbell, Gribbell, Gribbell...WHO WERE YOU? Still no clue.

Still seem odd I was getting the much more explicit HUSTLER regularly but couldn't wait to start collecting PLAYBOY.

Speaking of HUSTLER, proof that I really DID read the articles. they had done a profile of outrageous stand-up comedian Lenny Schultz and I remembered him when I saw him, somewhat less outrageous, on television. Lenny was a Robin Williams type who was unfortunate enough to actually get a gig on the NEW version of LAUGH-IN...alongside Robin Williams. Williams got noticed and Lenny faded.

Here, Schultz was a regular on character actor/game show host Bert Convy's summer series, THE LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL BERT CONVY SHOW. The other show I mentioned was a Dick Clark production, EASY DOES IT--STARRING FRANKIE AVALON. The first episode guest-starred Annette. Both series were quickly forgotten after four week runs.

The Wings record, seen above, was to be my first concert bootleg. It was essentially the same as the official release that would come at the end of the year but that release was pieced together from multiple performances and this was all one performance.


  1. I was a fan of Lenny Schultz from his appearances in PSA's in between Saturday morning cartoons in the early '80's and his role in the live action Saturday morning show Drawing Power where he portrayed a zany (imagine that) animator.

  2. A Net-pal just sent me some episodes of DRAWING POWER recently...and she swore she hadn't even seen this post!