Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday, Aug 5th, 1976

Despite an almost proposition from a drunken old fag at the movie, I did IT to kind of end the nervousness I'd felt ever since. I did not enjoy it! I went to see TUNNELVISION and I was the only one in the theater when this bearded old guy shambles in and literally sits right next to me! THAT freaked me out right away but then he leaned over and said, "You're pretty." I said "'Scuse me" and ran out to the lobby. After a few minutes I went back in but sat somewhere else. I didn't see him anymore. I think he shambled out the emergency exit or something. Must have thought I'd told the manager...which I probably should have!

I might be having second thoughts about girls but that hardly means I want to trade 'em for guys. Homosexuality thoroughly repels me! Just the thought of it! Bleecchh!

Wendy's tasted real good. First time in two weeks. Would have gotten some last week but for Debbie.

This one incident today, though, was enough to make me start thinking about the bad side of life in real world terms. I suppose all you can do is appreciate all the good you can find and do your best to avoid the bad. Hopefully I'll be over it all by tomorrow.

Saw Paul and Linda on a Beach Boys TV special!

NOTES: "Fag" is a word I never used so you know it must have really upset me if I was using it. And wow, I forgot how homophobic I was! In the eighties I worked with several openly gay men and I realized that to think they might have any interest whatsoever in me was the epitome of arrogance! Little by little I came to realize that whether or not someone was gay had absolutely nothing to do with me. In fact, presuming they weren't having sex right in front of me it became just a note of trivia about them. In more recent times, I have been a vocal advocate of gay rights and have passed on that enlightened attitude to our son so he doesn't end up with irrational fears like I had.

That said, this guy was creepy, smelly, looked a mess and totally freaked me out! I can't believe I didn't just leave quickly!

But I stayed and watched TUNNELVISION. I didn't enjoy it. I liked it a bit more years later when I saw it again but perhaps that was because I recognized a few of my Facebook friends in it now!

Paul and Linda McCartney appeared in footage of Brian Wilson's birthday party shown on a TV special celebrating the Beach Boys album, FIFTEEN BIG ONES. Oddly, as I write this, I'm just back from seeing Paul McCartney in concert in 2011!

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