Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, Aug 3rd, 1976

A nice cool day. I spent much of it working on that history crossword I got yesterday. Never was able to finish it, though.

Rick never did call. Maybe tomorrow? I'll see TUNNELVISION the next day.

Watched an episode of the old ANNETTE serial on a MICKEY MOUSE CLUB rerun.

The cops came back again looking powerful suspicious. They didn't talk to us this time. No idea what's going on but the curiosity is killing me!

Fritz Lang died yesterday. Saw it in the paper.

Just now after a nice long bath, I got dressed and went out on the porch for awhile to smell the cool night air. I got lost in thought over the girl I've seen only once in four years. The girl I'm not even sure recognized me. It's always Debbie...

NOTES: I may have been the only teenager in America who felt the need to note the passing of aged German film director Fritz Lang in his journal. I hadn't even seen many of his films at this point. Lang directed METROPOLIS, M, THE WOMAN IN THRE WINDOW, SCARLET STREET and THE RETURN OF FRANK JAMES, along with many other films, in a career that led from the silent days in Germany to the early sixties in Hollywood.

ANNETTE was a serial done to capitalize on the immense popularity of young actress Annette Funicello, one of the original Mouseketeers. By all accounts an amazingly and genuinely nice girl, the fact that she was singled out for this--allegedly because of her budding puberty making her a fan favorite of slightly older viewers--caused some issues on the set of the show. Annette would go on to success in records and Beach Party movies (with Frankie Avalon) before settling into a happy home life. Sadly, that life was cut short when she developed a painful, crippling disease that dogs her to this day.

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