Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday, August 9th, 1976

Despite a rather routine day, I could sense that the atmosphere had changed. I felt different somehow. perhaps a bit better. I added a few more Avengers drawings and wrote the introduction and outline for a proposed 40 chapter history of comics to be written in my new Marvel notebook.

I decided to go with Terry tonight after all and Mom said it was okay so we did. We left about 6:15 and got back about 9. He's off at McDonalds on Thursday and we may go see SWASHBUCKLER.

Jack took back all the cans again. Sheesh!

Watched Joey Heatherton on MERV.

NOTES: Ah, so that's what I put in my Marvel notebook! I gotta find that thing. Thanks to all who (correctly, I'm sure) pointed out that "CW" meant Creative Writing. Duh!

I hate it when I say things like this about going somewhere and nit elaborating. I have no idea where Terry and I went and I'm sure he doesn't either at this late date. I do remember SWASHBUCKLER, however. That was actor Robert Shaw's first major leading man role after a lifetime of villains and character leading roles (as in JAWS). Sadly, he would take ill and die not long afterwards.

Joey Heatherton was arguably the sexiest woman of the seventies at least for a brief period of time. She was a good singer, an excellent dancer and a passable actress. Her best known role was as a mattress salesperson in a series of sexy TV ads for Perfect Sleeper. A regular with Bob Hope's charity and military tours, she had briefly achieved her own variety series (with her Dad) around this time but a series of setbacks starting with a publicly embarrassing arrest for her former football star husband for exposing himself and then some very public cocaine issues of her own led her to sadly become a parody of herself.

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  1. Check it out - www.missjoeyheatherton.com