Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, Aug 10th, 1976

IT went badly. I'm betting this will be the last time for a while. Nobody keeps doing things that make them feel bad.

I dressed up like a "swashbuckler" this afternoon.

Got a real thrill from THAT GIRL's episode today. Even more than usual. I really love that show.

Had a real mad-on at SS tonight but it made me work even harder than usual. Dumb old J.A. stayed 'til almost 8!

They were working across the hall and that annoyed me so I managed to stay in my room most of the day. I wrote a slightly less than inspired chapter on the Pulps and then cranked out a few more Avengers.

Terry attempted to draw my Lucifer character last night and despite his better drawing skills, the look was all wrong.

Still don't know when school starts or what it will be like or even what I'll be taking!

Soon I'll have to write about that Brunner book. Never have gotten it!

Hilarious high point of the week: At the end of MTM's LORENZO & HENRIETTA MUSIC SHOW, Lorenzo, in his "Carlton" voice, said, "Hello, this is the cat... Meow."

NOTES: Lucifer was a villainous character I had been drawing for several years with an almost Ultraman-like face topped with Loki-style horns. He was, at one point, the big bad for my never-completed SITUATION SEVEN sci-fi story.

Lorenzo Music was a writer for MTM who doubled as the deadpan voice of doorman Carlton on RHODA. Around this time, he and his wife got their own short-lived variety series. Lorenzo would later use what was essentially the Carlton voice (he really didn't have a wide range) as the voice of Garfield in various TV specials and later in Mark Evanier's delightful GARFIELD AND FRIENDS cartoon series.

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