Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday, August 13, 1976

Awoke to a monsoon that lasted approximately two hours. Then the air cleared for a sunny, hot afternoon. I got caught up in cleaning my room and ended up not going over the river at all. I also began a slight remodeling job.

Dad brought home a Filipino comic book. I can't read it of course but cool and it's kind of a novel, too.

Kirk was on STORYBOOK SQUARES again as well as Charo as Lady Godiva.

As for my previous girl decision, I have amended it thusly: I will make no advances and pursue no formal relationship with a girl but if by chance the opportunity opens itself up to me, I will be ready to at least consider the possibility of taking it.

Saw John Wayne on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW and Lindsay Wagner on the original Rockford pilot!

NOTES: My father worked at the Post Office as a janitor and while it was technically a federal crime to bring anything home from the trash, he said that everybody did it anyway. So it was that every once in a while he would bring me home comic books lost in the mail or S&H green stamp booklets for my mother. I know he shouldn't have done it...especially just because everyone else did it...but he did bring home some cool stuff!

Seen above are Shatner and Charo from the episode I mentioned. Also Roddy McDowall as Pinnochio and Joan Rivers as...the Old Woman in the Shoe?

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  1. I had forgotten about StoryBook Squares. I think that had to be the funnest show to be on at the time. I remember watching the show numerous times but that would mean I was home from school presumably sick, of course. Thanks for that neat memory.

    Alberto Ramirez Jr.