Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, Aug 24th, 1976

Wrote several chapters today to catch up.

Mail didn't come 'til 1 PM and then we didn't get any!

Saw a delightful Ava Gardner as Venus and Ray Bolger with the Pops. Watched Burt Reynolds on DONAHUE.

One dumb trio stayed at SS 'til after 8 so we didn't get to go over until late. I hate when they do that. Why can't they just work 9-5 like everybody else?

Mom called Gribbell today about my certificate but he'd already gone. Now I'm stuck with calling him tomorrow. I don't like calling people!

MOVIN' ON was back again for one last run before the new Fall shows kick in.

Cleaned more in my room and removed the again.

NOTES: That last sentence is exactly the way I wrote it. "Sic" and all that. "removed the" what? We'll never know.

MOVIN' On was a dumb fun show about truck drivers with veteran actors Claude Akins and Frank Converse. Akins would have been good for Ben Grimm had they made a FANTASTIC FOUR film at that time.

The movie I refer to here is ONE TOUCH OF VENUS,a 19748 comedy fantasy with Ava Gardmer as the Goddess Venus come to life in modern day and falling for actor Robert Walker. I am not a big Gardner fan (nor was I then, either) but I enjoyed her in that film. Haven't seen it since.

I don't recall a thing about watching Ray Bolger with (presumably) the Boston Pops but I bet he sang "Once in Love With Amy."

Gribbell? Now, who's Gribbell and what does he have to do with this mysterious certificate? No memory of that name at all and reading ahead doesn't clarify things any more as you'll see tomorrow.

As far as the telephone, I have an odd phone phobia. Always have. On the one hand, I like talking on the phone. I can talk for hours and lose track of the time if you don't get me to hang up. On the other hand, I hate initiating calls--I don't like to call people at all. I'm always afraid I'll interrupt them--I'll want to chat and they'll be busy but won't say anything at first and I'll feel I don't call people. If I need to, for work or to complain about something, I can do it but I don't like it. Sometimes I will get in the habit of calling one person and I'll call them regularly but inevitably it gets to the point where I just cringe at the thought even though I'd give anything for them to call me. Sigh...

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