Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, Aug 21st, 1976

I helped out a little around the yard. Not much else to do today. I kept my hand in by writing more of my history. Even dug out some reference.

Started to watch HOWDY DOODY but Terry called. He actually admitted that he gets HUSTLER regularly, too. I didn't let on that I did.

WONDER WOMAN was on again tonight.

NOTES: My sources, online and otherwise, don't actually show any WONDER WOMAN episode that night. The pilot had aired the year before and there had been two episode "specials" in April, one of which would rerun in September but no indication of any on this date. Perhaps I saw Lynda Carter on MERV or something and referred to her as WONDER WOMAN? Who knows?

I know I was too old for it but THE NEW HOWDY DOODY SHOW premiered at this time and I very vaguely recalled watching the final episodes of the original when I was very small! A couple of years ago, I bought the multi-disc DVD set on sale for ten bucks! It's still pretty cool!

The last thing in the world I wanted to do was admit, even to my closest friend, that I was buying dirty magazines. That would, of course, tacitly admit that I was masturbating...that I was human...that I was a normal teenage male!!! But I wasn't! I was better than that. I knew I was! Eventually, I would triumph over my own hormones! I was convinced of it!!! I was wrong but at 17, I wasn't going to believe that I could be wrong even on this subject!

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