Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, Aug 12th, 1976

I spent the morning watching TV while I clipped more girl pics from magazines.

Then I began planning for the movie with me and Terry but he called to say Tony was going, too. I really have nothing against Tony. I just don't like him. He's not up to my "standards" I guess. We all met up and went, though. Between Tony's smoking and dirty talk, Terry and I continued word games we started the other day and that kind of hastened the day. The movie was good, though! Got back about 5:20.

Saw Karen Valentine in a skimpy outfit as Cleopatra on STORYBOOK SQUARES. That was fun!

I just now finished my Batman chapter in my history of the comics!

NOTES: Okay so it was probably Tony that went with us that other recent time that I couldn't recall. It wasn't so much Tony himself I didn't like. It was mainly that I don't do well in groups. I doubt I realized that at the time, however. I tend to adapt my personality to whomever I'm with and if I'm with more than one person, it sometimes gets scattered. Can't believe I didn't mention what movie we saw that day.

Karen Valentine of TV's ROOM 222 was a goofy, cute, silly, funny actress and the first celebrity I ever got an autographed picture from. In 2011, she's about to appear next month at my friend Martin's Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention--only her 2nd convention appearance ever!-- but I have no way to get there.

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