Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, Aug. 18th, 1976

Quite a day! I finally got the Brunner book in the mail! # 43 out of only 100 made! And I got it from a different place than the one where I ordered it!

I expected new books but found none so I went to Kidds one more time and found the new STAR*REACH as well as the new QUACK! Both completely unexpected and good!

Channel 19 carried some good stuff tonight!

NOTES: WXIX, Channel 19 was Cincinnati's first non-educational UHF channel, going on the air in late summer f 1968 with a mixture of reruns, monster movies and puppet shows. Needless to say it was my favorite station for many years.

QUACK was an attempt at a "funny animal" adult comic book, inspired by Frank Brunner and Steve Gerber's HOWARD THE DUCK. Brunner even provided the very Howard-like cover of the first issue, seen above, which I purchased on this day.

Still no idea of what the "Brunner book" was exactly. A numbered, limited edition apparently but of what? A portfolio? A sketchbook? No idea. I would have sworn that I never actually got it. I definitely know that I never actually kept it as I don't have it now!

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