Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, Aug 14th, 1976

Awoke early again to another monsoon. Paper was very late but it did show up this time. Mail came early and brought a letter from Yoshiko.


I avoided getting HUSTLER today by asking dad to pick up the comics Terry told me were out. Trouble is, I gave him a couple of wrong issue numbers so he ended up not getting anything.

Practiced my anatomy today in my art by attempting a few realistic depictions of topless women. I'm getting there.

I set my alarm to get me up before 1 to watch HELP but it started late. Then another storm hit and power got knocked out so I'm back in bed by 3 writing this by flashlight. Yeesh.

NOTES: SPICY BEATLES SONGS!!?? I'm familiar with the album but it's not one I ever owned and certainly wasn't the first one I ordered. I'm confused.

Not sure what happened to the art from that day. Sometimes I wish I'd continued with my art because I really wasn't bad...just untrained. Ah, well...

HELP is the Beatles most outdated film, clearly made with the silliest of sixties sensibilities but with some wonderful music video-style song highlights. Great snow scenes, too. Was so cool to see Paul sing THE NIGHT BEFORE from HELP in Cincinnati last week!

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  1. I love HELP! I know it's sacreligious to say, but I prefer it to Hard Day's Night. Probably because it was the first Beatles movie I saw and because as a child, the humor in Hard Days Night was over my head. Plus color vs b&w? No contest. Ticket to Ride has always been my favorite Beatles song and I love the video from the movie.