Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 17th, 1976

I slept until 11! That's the latest I've ever slept. Missed the whole day practically!

With only one full week of summer left, I feel it's time to reflect on the past two and a half months. First of all, it's been over a year since I bought my first issue of HUSTLER and a few hours since I destroyed the $2.00 issue I bought just yesterday. I promised myself I'd try harder to avoid IT in the future. It's so weird the way it can become so enticing.

My plans for talking to that one girl kind of ended when she didn't show up for the last day of school but I still think about her.

At the first of the summer, I had my senior pics taken, then I developed an interest in Jayne Mansfield. Went to Kings Island and to a lot of movies. Did IT a lot. Watched THAT GIRL as much as possible and fell for Marlo all over again. Successfully got through what could have become a major depression. I saw Margie and Ricky at Book Market while Rachel and Velma visited here. Missed a lot of newspapers. Had severe headaches for nearly a week and only got a couple hours of sleep per night sometimes. Dad won a lot but lost more on lottery tickets, I was published in CRUSADER COMMENTS and we tried unsuccessfully to change my hair back to its former color. We survived a lot of tornado and storm warnings, I became addicted to GOOD MORNING AMERICA, saw, read and listened to a lot of Beatles stuff and seem to have lost part of my job to Pesky Jack. I failed to get the Brunner book I ordered early on or to see him in person twice. We got our first SS vacation, enjoyed Bicentennial Day and I started a major remodeling of my room. Enjoyed Columbus and Omnicon, supported Carter, visited the Zoo and watched Viking land on Mars.

Old friend Jimmy showed up, saw Debbie again for the first time in years and was accosted by a dirty old creep at the Times. First visit to Rick's new home in Erlanger, second visit to the Village Cinema. I visited Kidd's one last time before they moved and Northern Kentucky Bookstore one last time before they closed completely. Finished a major crossword contest, started writing my history of comics, met Terry's friend Tony, enjoyed STORYBOOK SQUARES and destroyed some HUSTLERS.

Quite an eventful summer, I guess, and still a week to go.

TV was a bit better tonight with a good special from Daryl and Toni Dragon.

I accidentally dropped a ladder on Mom's foot! OW!

NOTES: I find it somewhat hilarious that I felt the need to summarize and update those who came in late as though I knew someday you folks would be reading this.

I continue my losing battle against hormones. Without compromising anyone's privacy, lets's just say my son has taken after me in that way.

I keep talking about Frank Brunner in 1976. Seen above is some of his art from the Marvel 1976 Calendar.

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