Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, Aug 22nd, 1976

Two hours after I got up this morning, we were on our way to Kings Island. In the beginning I was in the wrong frame of mind to go but I ended up enjoying myself anyway. Even though it did kind of depress me seeing all the boy/girl couples and there I am with my parents. I played a lot of pinball out there. They had some new computerized games, too. Was kinda neat. It all went pretty fast.

Fountain had three new comics which I picked up when we got off the bus downtown on the way home. Will save for tomorrow. I won't need to go looking for more 'til Thursday now...or maybe Wednesday.

I missed writing my comics chapter today, though.

Saw a weird movie tonight--apparently the pilot for Andy Griffith's ADAMS OF EAGLE LAKE specials last year although in this, his name wasn't Adams.

NOTES: This may have been the first time they had what we came to know as video games at Kings Island. The one I remember was basically PONG although I don't recall if it was actually called that. Was in a great big yellow machine. Most folks stayed away from it in favor of the pinball. Seems like they had an early version of TANK at some point, also.

ADAMS OF EAGLE LAKE never quite became a series--more a series of failed pilots--Andy as a sheriff. Whoever thought THAT would work?


  1. Steve -

    I am a big fan of: The Girl In The Empty Grave, Deadly Game, and Winter Kill. Those are the sort of movies one use to be able to watch on a Saturday afternoon. Not anymore, of course.

    I wonder if there are any good books about TV movies from the 1970s out there?

  2. There actually is a book called, I believe, MOVIES MADE FOR TELEVISION, which came out around 1980 I think. I have it in my Library. it is not complete and, of course, is now woefully outdated, but it's a thick book that gives pretty good coverage to all the TV-movies of the seventies, the Golden Age of TV movies!

  3. Thanks.

    I'll have to see if I can find a copy of it somewhere.

    I know Warner Brothers is selling some of those by way of their Warner Archive site - but I have yet to buy any - mainly as it would take a lot of money to get all the ones I would want.