Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, Aug 19th, 1976

Got up early and watched film of Ford's nomination. He chose someone named Robert Dole as his running mate.

I finally pretty much cleared off my messy desk! Took nearly as long to clean it off as it did to mess it up! I ended up putting up that unused Steranko FOOM poster on my wall.

Have to remember to restudy Spanish next week.

Almost fell off a table at SS tonight in spite of my balance abilities. I was surprised.

We tried to call the TV man but couldn't get through to him.

Tried to catch up on my comics history tonight by doubling up and writing two chapters.

NOTES: Artist Jim Steranko was not only one of the most innovative comic book artists of the sixties but he wrote two of the best (still!) books on comic book history. A favorite of mine then and now, I was able to meet him at a Con in Columbus a year or so later and hope to do so again in Cincinnati next month where he will be Guest of Honor at the Cincinnati Comics Expo.

Robert Dole--better known as Bob--would become a perennial Republican Presidential candidate. Dan Aykroyd played him on SNL so memorably that he was even brought back to do so from time to time, long after he'd left the series. Eventually, Dole would become best known for doing Viagra commercials.

I sometimes refer to my balancing skills as my "mutant power." It still unnerves me on those rare occasions where they don't work and I end up falling or otherwise unbalanced. According to the doctor, it's an odd side effect of a relatively minor inner ear condition I have. It's that condition that makes me motion sick if I turn around too fast but, conversely, it also allows me to be able to find the center of gravity in anything fairly easily. Thus, I can balance precariously but relatively safely. I used to climb shelves at work in the stockroom like a monkey. Drove people crazy.

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