Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, Aug 28th, 1976

Forgot my chapter again.

Watched the return of LOST IN SPACE reruns. Always loved that show!

Things went smoothly as I went over to see ST. IVES without a stitch. Ran into dad at the Terminal on my way home. Then followed a lazier afternoon than usual.

Tonight I saw LAWMAN, CHEYENNE, SUGARFOOT and some of the && SUNSET STRIP cast on MAVERICK (with one "ick").

NOTES: LOL! "Without a stitch." Brings on a rather scary vision of a naked Charles Bronson. Hahahahaha! Obviously, I meant "without a hitch." The film ST. IVES was a rather unusual picture for Bronson, then one of the most popular stars in the world. He played a well-dressed, erudite, pipe-smoking detective as opposed to his usual more brutish, violent characters. It was rated PG when most of his films were rated R. A good performance, a good cast, but a rather dull film.

Oddly enough, I watched an episode of LOST IN SPACE on HULU yesterday. Still much mindless fun. Over the years, my wife and I performed with Ezra Stone, who directed a number of episodes. We met co-star Mark Goddard, I spoke with June Lockhart on the telephone once and I'm Facebook friends with Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright.

Speaking of performing with, we also performed onstage at the Old-Time radio Convention with SUGARFOOT, actor Will Hutchins, an amazingly nice, friendly man with a million great show biz stories, not a one of them boring. I acted in two scripts with him, one in which I was a mobster and he was my "muscle," the other where HE was a mobster and I was one of his gang.

It's so odd when you actually meet and even, in some cases, get to know some of the actors you've watched on TV your entire life.

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