Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, Aug 27th, 1976

The end of my last full week at home. Despite the fact that I don't yet have a clue what to expect, I'm preparing for it by shaving regularly now and using that acne soap on my face several times a day.

Listened to all my Partridge Family albums today while I wrote my latest chapter.

Dad went over the river but got me no comics.

In today's mail we got a thank you card from Jeff about college. That depressed me.

NOTES: I was late getting acne and I actually thought I had avoided it but by this point it was a rampant issue that bothered me much more than my grey hair. Like many young males, I had facial hair that wouldn't really coalesce into anything at that point, too. It was just annoying. There are a few photos of me in 1979 with a bit of a beard (see above) but it was 1982 when I grew my first full beard. I've worn one most of the time since than.

My cousin Jeff is a year older than I and he was off to college at this point so, coming after my attempt just the day before to accept that I would never go, his thank-you card was a bit of a blow.

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