Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, June 1st, 1976

Finally! This afternoon, I finally finished ILLUMINATUS.

Got an 88 on the Spanish Exam. Wow! better than I thought. 99.5 in English for the year! I actually got up the nerve to ask Constance what she got. She got 96. I had already heard that but I wanted an excuse to talk with her for what was more or less the first and probably last time.

I do feel relieved now. No more classes really and only one more day to go. It won't seem like it's really over until next week, though, because Friday we have to go back for our report cards and then report for senior pictures.

I spent most of the last two hours today talking about sex--indirectly-with Kenny. I was more than a little surprised to find that I know more about it than he does. Especially since he has a girlfriend and might actually be having it!

Python was back tonight at 10:36!

NOTES: Diana Ross's song LOVE HANGOVER, a disco-y number that was far from her best, was the number one song at this point, filling two weeks in fact between stints of SILLY LOVE SONGS at the top of the charts. McCartney's number had already hit number one but, presumably getting a boost from the Wings Over America concert tour, retook the top spot for an additional four week stint!

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