Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 16th, 1976

Compared to the last couple of days, today was a ball! Still didn't get much sleep but only the bad sore throat and a slight headache remained today.

Finally heard from Yoshiko. She says the Beatles are really big in Japan.

Saw really good episodes of both THAT GIRL and ALL IN THE FAMILY.

This is weird! I found out there was one "Wing" who was never recorded at all except maybe in the Nashville Sessions the group did a couple years back. I never even heard of this guy!

Terry's off tomorrow and we expect to go to Cincy and then Newport to catch a movie, then maybe back out to Erlanger on Sunday for MIDWAY.

Much cooler today, less pollution and a good steady rain pretty much non-stop from 6 AM to 6 PM.

NOTES: As stated before, Yoshiko was the first of 3 Japanese pen pals that I got in Junior High and kept for several years. Her grasp of English wasn't that good so we stuck mainly to music, movie and TV conversations.

As much as I tried to keep up with music news at that time, I was somewhat shocked that I had somehow never heard of one Geoff Britton who had apparently played drums with Wings...somehow, somewhere. Turns out he joined and left quickly. I was right that he had, in fact, played on the so-called Nashville sessions that yielded the hit song, SALLY G but he had apparently also played on the flip side, JUNIOR'S FARM, as as well as on some cuts of the group's VENUS AND MARS album before he was replaced by Joe English. A martial artist, he even figured prominently in a Wings documentary, ONE HAND CLAPPING, which went unreleased at the time since it was outdated when he and Wings parted ways rather quickly. That's Geoff to the right on the single cover above (from Spain).

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