Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 30th, 1976

Found out McCartney is supposed to be on David's show again tomorrow. A combination of discs, tapes, pictures and memories helped me to relive the concert today.

Finally got STAR*REACH in the mail today. Also the '75 yearbook (with a big article on comedians). Speaking of comedians, tonight I saw a comic named Mark Russell do his political humor on WCET. Kind of like Steve Allen.

We had Burger Chef for dinner tonight for the first time in awhile.

Tomorrow I'll see one of the new Southern flicks--either GATOR or ODE TO BILLIE JOE. With my recent reading on suicide, I'm leaning toward the latter. Another thing in its favor is that the same two principals are in it that really reached me in the JEREMY play in SCOPE a couple of years back.

The closer Omnicon gets the more trepidatious i get. I hate that. After it's all over it'll be pleasant memories but until then, I'm starting to dread it.

What was it I mentioned back at the beginning of the year? My best year? Maybe in events--at least 3 Cons and 2 concerts this year--but in my personal life? Man...

NOTES: David HARTMAN! Former actor David Hartman became the long-running host of ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA during a period when that show's ratings topped those of the show it emulated, NBC's TODAY. Apparently they had done a pre-recorded interview with the still on tour McCartney and were running it over several days.

This was my first exposure to comedian Mark Russell who would appear multiple times a year on PBS for the next 3 decades! Always well-dressed, he did look like Steve Allen with his glasses but his act was more Tom Lehrer, filled with political parody songs skewering all sides.

JEREMY had been an earlier movie starring Robby Benson and Glynis O'Conner, both of whom also starred in the Bobbie Gentry song-derived movie, ODE TO BILLIE JOE. I had never seen JEREMY but we had performed excerpts from it that had been printed in SCHOLASTIC SCOPE a few years earlier.

Seen above are David Hartman, left, and Mark Russell, right, both as they looked in the seventies.

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