Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 22nd, 1976

Felt depressed again early on but hopeful later this afternoon. Not sure what the difference was. Felt tired all day.

No paper...again!!!!! What are we paying them for anyway?

My "Comics Games" were in TBG!

Only got one book over the river but forgot my Wendy's coupons! Ugh!

Last night I started the Grecian stuff again. Yuck.

I'm really crazy about a lot of actresses but right now it's particularly Sally Struthers in any way, shape or form!

More rain tonight. Instead of watching TV, we sat in the living room and monitored CB calls on my walkie-talkie!

NOTES: Citizen's band radios were all the rage after the surprise hit record, CONVOY, of 1975. My family never really got into them as such but I had gotten a walkie-talkie for Christmas. Who gives ONE walkie-talkie as a gift!!?? I don't recall. One of my relatives...and I don't think he or she had the opposite one! Anyway, so many people with CB's had them tuned so powerfully that one could often pick them up on the weirdest things against FCC regulations. In my case, we were able to use the cheap walkie-talkie like a police scanner and eavesdrop. We couldn't always understand the lingo but still fun.

Comics Games was some sort of feature in the TBG comic collector newspaper I got where one could send entries. I'm not sure but I THINK it was like--lists of all comics covers with giant characters or all covers with horses...things like that. Apparently I had sent some and they were published!

People may make fun of Sally Struthers now but she was, in her prime, a babe..and funny! Plus she was the original voice of Pebbles Flintstone in her seventies animated series.

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  1. For a funny TV interview with Sally Struthers circa 1975, go to

    B Smith