Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 21st, 1976

Mom's home again.

Guess I'm still not completely well as my eyes hurt again today.

I waited all morning for the mail and then, when I went to the bathroom, I missed him!

Went to NKBS and came back with only four back issues including a semi-autobiographical Gerber MAN-THING. Was weird but I didn't see Steve Conner there. I wonder if the place is under new ownership? I doubt I'll go anymore 'til maybe August what with Omnicon only a few weeks away, now.

NOTES: The Man-Thing followed in the tradition of comics' muck-monsters like the Heap from the 1940's. DC's Swamp Thing was very similar until Alan Moore's amazing eighties reboot of that character. The difference was in Steve Gerber's off-kilter and often very personal writing style which pushed the writer's pet issues and social and political agendas. His later work after leaving Marvel, although often good comics, would never again come across as so quirky or so impressive.

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  1. ... mainly because whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Things touch..!