Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 13th, 1976

No newspaper at all! I had to go get one.

I was feeling depressed again all day and had a long-lasting dizzy spell.

It was very hot and polluted today but Dad drove me and Terry to see the Godzilla movie. We caught the bus back from Ludlow.

I rounded out my day by reading a bunch of Spidey comics and watching LOVE AMONG THE RUINS.

NOTES: I'm pretty sure the "new" Godzilla film was, in fact, GODZILLA VS MEGALON from 1973, only then being shown throughout the US. The poster, seen here, was very similar to that of the 1976 KING KONG remake, featuring the monsters on the then-recently opened World Trade Center. There were only two more Godzilla films before a long break and then a mid-eighties reboot. Those two only played drive-ins around this area and we missed them.

By contrast, LOVE AMONG THE RUINS was the uber-classy George Cukor British TV-movie from the year before starring Katherine Hepburn and Lord Laurence Olivier, often described at that time as the World's Greatest Actor! Olivier began taking quite a few mainstream roles during this period and appeared in a number of hit movies including BOYS FROM BRAZIL, MARATHON MAN and A LIITLE ROMANCE, Diane Lane's first film.

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