Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday, June 6th, 1976

A Monday Sunday--thusly called due to the fact that by its end it seemed more like a Monday than a Sunday.

I was led to ask myself serious questions today. Soon I may actually attempt to answer them.

I had planned to awaken at 5 AM to watch Laurel and Hardy but discarded the idea when my alarm went off as I was just too sleepy. I did, however, go ahead and get up at 6 and found that Laurel and Hardy had not yet begun so I did get to watch after all.

No paper until 9:15.

We went to King's Island. In spite of my protests, complaints, whining and sore feet, I had a good time. We just made the 11 AM bus. There were only two other people on it and we rode out with a very conversational bus driver. We made it back much the same way at 5:15. I got a look at some more wild animals, won a neat plastic sword in a sheath, got five pinball games on one quarter and a bad sunburn.

When we got home, I ended up having to set out a lot of trash from next door but then spent the evening with a fun Lewis Carroll-based episode of
ELLERY QUEEN with Julie Sommars as Alice!

NOTES: As previously mentioned, I had more or less outgrown amusement parks. The reason was most likely my extreme motion sickness which precluded me riding any rides and my stomach issues meant I couldn't really eat or drink a lot while I was out either. Thus it was, to me, a long way to go for a hot, crowded walk in some colorful surroundings.

I was happy to get the fake sword that day, though and, in fact, keep it prominently displayed on the wall in Booksteve's Library even today, as seen above in a photo I JUST took of me with the ornately handled sword.

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