Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 17th, 1976

Slept well last night finally but sore throat still persists.

Went over the river with Terry where we ate at Wendy's and picked up a few new books. Got one mag with Jayne Mansfield on the cover so I finally was able to find out some things about her.

Later I saw her and her daughter "au natural" in an issue of PLAYBOY that Terry showed me.

We walked from his house to the Plaza to see MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND EARTH but they had raised the price and he had to loan me a buck. Boy!

We had a neat walk, though, along the train tracks both ways.

Best joke of the day came from Mac Davis on TV tonight--he was having trouble tuning his guitar and said, "Glen Campbell must've tuned this thing!"

NOTES: Okay, so, in retrospect, that joke wasn't really that good. Could still have meant that the rest of the day just wasn't very funny!

MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND EARTH was one of those pseudo-documentaries that played to huge crowds in the seventies due to saturation advertising. They were mostly speculative and are approximated every night on TV these days by the myriad of documentaries one sees on Nostradamus, the end of the world, ufo's, ghosts, etc. Until they got repetitive, Terry and I saw quite a few of these things.

FILMS IN REVIEW was a semi-scholarly, digest-sized film magazine that ran for years. Thus one would often find classic stars on its covers as late as the seventies.

By total coincidence, Jayne Marie Mansfield had been featured nude in that month's PLAYBOY to which Terry had access due to his father's subscription. Seeing me buy the FILMS IN REVIEW, he remembered that her mother also appeared in a few vintage topless photos in that issue and had to share when we got back to his place.

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