Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday, June 19th, 1976

I had a wishful dream last night that my school was at some sort of affair with other local schools and I ended up looking for Debbie. I finally saw her and she said she recognized me.

I went over the river this afternoon but only ended up coming home with lottery tickets. I got 3 of those rub-off tickets and dad won 20 bucks!

I skipped Erlanger because of a hard rain that started while I was over the river.

Watched another Road movie.

NOTES: I wonder if I realized just how close I was to Debbie now that I was taking the bus out to Erlanger every week to go to the Northern Kentucky Book Store? Seen on the map above is a map of the area. The black line was the route the bus took. You can see where the NKBS was. A few stops earlier and a few blocks down a side road was where Debbie lived--the place that seemed so very far away from me when she had moved. I had it engrained in my mind that it was a world away so it just never occurred to me anything different. Wouldn't have mattered if it had, though. By that point, in spite of my lovesick pining for what had never really been in the first place, if I had been given the chance, it would have felt so foreign to try to contact her again at that point.

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