Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 29th, 1976

Despite going ahead and picking up the new HUSTLER, I was kind of non-interested in it. Weird. Picked up more lottery tickets for dad while I was over there but he lost.

That new guy upstairs seems to be trying to take our job! He says Mr. Deters told him to start mowing the lawn.

Had a slight hell of a time at SS tonight. Those guys are all pigs sometimes! On top of everything else there was more rain and some tornado warnings this evening!

I'm having some serious revision thoughts already on my story!

NOTES: The guy upstairs had been given a free apartment--a room, really--on the third floor in exchange for being a 24/7 handyman around the place. No one had told us, however, even though we had been the de facto handymen for a year or more. He turned out to be a nice enough guy...when sober...which he rarely was. His name was Jack and my biggest memory of him is that he showed me a photo of himself with the Three Stooges when he was 9 years old. Always wished I'd had a copy made. Too cool.

The photo seen here is NOT Jack's photo but it reminds me of it, aging and all. Can't recall if he had Shemp or Curly in his, though.

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