Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 23rd, 1976

I had a time getting to sleep last night. I felt better all afternoon but after it got dark tonight my weakness returned.

Saw my favorite LOVE AMERICAN STYLE vignette again for the first time in years. Saw Mackenzie Phillips guesting on THE JACKSONS later.

I went through all the old ENQUIRER's today and Mom and I went through the picture proofs for my Senior Picture. Tomorrow I'm supposed to return them with partial payment.

IT again. Didn't feel guilty this time but since I was feeling bad I didn't enjoy it much either.

NOTES: LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE was a very slightly naughty comedy anthology series that had been on ABC starting in 1969. Every hour long episode offered multiple stories, some little more than blackouts or, as mentioned here, vignettes. Not sure now what my favorite one was then but the one I remember most fondly these days was one with Karen Valentine and former Monkee Davy Jones where he, dressed to the nines, climbs up to her bedroom by mistake, thinking he's meeting the girl with whom he's supposed to elope. Both Karen and Davy are scheduled to be guests at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention this September. I've suggested to show runner Marty Grams that perhaps the two do an on-stage re-creation of that script as if it were a radio play!

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  1. I remember that episode very well, too. Looking it up on IMDB to see the original air date (October 23, 1970), I found that the same episode had Janos Prohaska in it (as a gorilla) in a different vignette!

    Mike C.