Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 9th, 1976

Looking through some old photographs has gotten me depressed again. It seems as if in the long run, nothing really matters. I've lost my entire childhood. I almost cried.

Later, Terry called and mentioned they had new oldies at the Ohio Book Store. Hopefully there's some good ones left by the time I go there tomorrow or I'll be even more depressed.

When I got involved in reading comics late in the day, I seemed to get less depressed.

Later tonight I finally saw the MAUDE pilot on ALL IN THE FAMILY.

NOTES: The Ohio Book Store in downtown Cincinnati had only begun carrying old comic books a year or two before. As perhaps their only two regulars who collected comics, the kind folks who ran the OBS (and still do!) began calling Terry and/or myself whenever they would receive a new batch of Golden Age comic books. The very first Golden Age comics I ever bought were through them. In fact, those three issues seen above were the first three I ever bought. Five dollars each! Wow! To this day, whenever I'm feeling down, a good comic book (NOT a modern day one) will always make me feel better.

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