Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 28, 1976

I decided not to get up at 12:30 to catch Paul McCartney. I may have missed him on David's show.

I took some pants down to the laundry for dad and mailed a letter for Mom on the way.

I luckily caught the return of MONKEES reruns beginning tonight!

I gathered all my months of notes together and actually wrote the first few lines of SITUATION SEVEN.

For some reason I was irritable and stressed tonight at SS. Maybe because I willed myself to avoid IT all day?

Some new guy moved in upstairs.

I saw a BERMUDA TRIANGLE special on NOVA.

NOTES: "David's show?" Several years too soon to be DAVID LETTERMAN. DAVID FROST maybe? Rarely watched him when he had a series so I doubt I'd have been so familiar. Don't know.

The Bermuda Triangle was another of those unusual subjects that had not yet been exploited to death so I was quite interested in it at the time.

I had been a big Monkees fan since their show had been on originally from 1966-1969. One of the first LP's I ever bought when I got my first record player capable of playing 33 1/3 albums in 1970 was the MONKEES GREATEST HITS. Was always happy to catch reruns of the clever, funny TV series. In 2011, the Monkees just played in Cincinnati this past weekend but I couldn't afford to see 'em.

SITUATION SEVEN was my unfinished magnum opus sci-fi story, a sequel to SITUATION SIX from a year earlier--planned, re-planned and re-re-planned in months of notes, I started it here but it would never be finished.

The guy who moved in upstairs would quickly make himself known...

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