Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 14th, 1976

Mom was off work today.

I've decided my eyes are connected somehow to the strange headaches that persisted today.

Highlight of the day was Dinah's wonderful tribute to Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Still smoggy and now with a threat of rain all day.

Read some more Spideys and watched Bogey in a great 1938 Edward G. Robinson picture.

At this point just before bed, my headache and dizziness are pretty bad. Could it be because of IT?

NOTES: Unless it was the smog, I don't really recall what the issue was with the persistent headaches during this period. I've never tended to get actual, painful headaches very often.

Obviously I was still on my Tony Orlando and Dawn kick. In 1977, just a year later, Orlando would have a nervous breakdown onstage, partially brought on by self-medication for depression over the sudden death of his friend, Freddie Prinze. He disbanded Dawn at that exact moment. Eventually, he would return to performing but he would never achieve the same level of fame again.

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