Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 27th, 1976

Wonder of wonders, we got the paper today!

I spent much of the day recopying my movie data book.Other than that I just watched a little TV...and very little at that.

Dad won four bucks more after cashing in on the other day's lottery winner.

I skipped getting HUSTLER yesterday but found myself feeling more and more like I wished I'd gotten it. May go back and get it tomorrow. Sigh...Hard not to think about it sometimes. I hate this.

NOTES: No idea what "movie data book" I was meaning here. I kept lists. Lots of lists. I had lists of comics I owned, lists of Spider-Man, FF and Captain America villains, lists of actors and actresses I liked, lists of every movie I saw (with reviews) and a separate list of every R-rated movie I saw. But a "data book?" No idea at this stage.

I actually was reading the articles in HUSTLER, too. MOst were about freedom of speech, questioning authority, not trusting politicians or evangelists. Having started with the more explicit ones which, at the time, were new on the newsstands, I rarely would pick up the less explicit ones. It was around this time that I started buying other magazines, also, such as HIGH SOCIETY. Lacking the purposeful tastelessness that HUSTLER wore proudly, that one would eventually become my new favorite. Last week on Facebook, without even knowing it, I became friends with HUSTLER's first art director--the man who reportedly said to Larry Flynt--"Hey, Larry, why not be a little more explicit in your new mag so it will stand out from all the rest."

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