Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 15th, 1976

I lay awake for at least 5 hours last night before finally falling asleep. My eyes were hurting all night. It was terrible. Today, my eyes felt somewhat better so I didn't go to the doctor. But tomorrow I'm going unless it's all gone or I chicken out again. I've had a very sore throat all day, too, and the dizziness worsened in early evening. I'm wondering if some of this might be from the lack of sleep last night, though!

I didn't read anything but the new TBG, didn't drink anything but my throat medication, didn't eat anything but aspirin and basically just watched TV all day long.

Saw my third Jayne Mansfield movie already. And after watching Bernadette Peters crying on MERV last night, tonight she was giggling like crazy on HOLLYWOOD SQUARES.

No newspaper at all again...and I certainly wasn't in a mood to go out and get one! Boy!

NOTES: I have a pretty good immune system. Other than my persistent gastrointestinal issues and the occasional cold, I have rarely been sick and when I have, I can usually shrug it off relatively easily. Usually. When I don't, though...I wallow in it! This seems to have been one of those times.

I mention MERV a lot here. Merv Griffin--also the creator of JEOPARDY and, later, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, had a Johnny Carson-style talk show from the mid-sixties until the eighties sometime. Carson was on too late for me at that time but Merv was syndicated. At various times in the seventies, his show aired either in the daytime or early primetime. Merv seemed to know everyone! Having been a band singer in the forties, he did a lot of radio and thus had become friends with Orson Welles, Jack Benny and all the big stars of the day. As his show became more and more popular, all the younger stars gravitated to it, also. I enjoyed THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW immensely during this period and got to know old and new stars through him.

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