Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, June 3rd, 1976

Slept late on the first day off school and woke just in time to catch Gene Shalit in the Critic's Corner. Nowhere to go until tomorrow when I have to pick up my final report card.

IT happened early. I expected it, though. Probably happen for a few more days both for stress relief and just because I can now.

Decided to watch a full week of MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN just to see if I dig it. Broke out my Donna Fargo shows after watching her on MAC DAVIS last night. I saw THAT GIRL today and I started being afraid that now that I can see it they'll take it off again like they just did STAR TREK. I also got to see all my faves on HOLLYWOOD SQUARES today--Karen Valentine, Roddy McDowall, Vincent Price and even Mackenzie Phillips.

I did some major work on my AVENGERS index today, working towards finalizing my "Needs" list. Got the issue of COMIC CRUSADER I ordered but in the worst package I have ever seen! I also read quite a bit of my DR. STRANGE collection.

Tomorrow should be a busy day but beyond that I should be able to more or less take it easy until Omnicon a month from now.

Got the new phone books today. No listing for Constance's family so I can stop trying to get up the nerve to call her.

NOTES: Gene Shalit was the longtime film critic/co-host of NBC's TODAY show. He retired not too long ago and I was one of many who noted that it had been so long since they'd seen him that we all thought he had retired as far back as the eighties!

Now that I could rationalize "IT" as healthy (which, of course, it actually is), I was running with it.

Donna Fargo is a country/pop performer who had been quite popular in the early seventies after her hit, "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA." Somewhere in there, the US Government hired her to host an upbeat radio series of music and homilies for the Social Security Administration. While I was working night maintenance for the SSA with my parents, they threw away a number of record albums of this series that they had been sent so I salvaged them. Years later sold them for a tidy sum, also.

COMIC CRUSADER was a major fanzine that had been around for years. I only started getting into it as it neared its final issues.

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