Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday, June 4th, 1976

Report cards! I got up there and back in only an hour on the Eastern bus. I passed all of the exams and even got an A in Physics! One B, one C and for the rest, all A's for the year.

I spent most of the day sitting down. At home, at school, on the buses, at Pogue's...Boy. After nearly backing out, I went over to Pogue's for my senior pictures in my own suit! Wore my favorite shirt, too! While I was there, I saw several other guys from my class. Waited nearly an hour but enjoyed watching the girl taking the pictures. Not a sexual attraction but she was fun to watch. And the way she talked! It was all an act, of course, but boy, she did it well! She fixed my hair, my jacket and repositioned my legs even! She couldn't have been more than five years older than me. I get proofs in two weeks.

Just sorry that I felt like I was viewing the whole situation more like an audience than as a participant. Sigh. Too bad.

Very bad day for food.

NOTES: Pogue's was a long-popular department store in downtown Cincinnati where the Senior pictures were taken on this date in 1976. Until I read this, I did not really recall the photographer at all but apparently it was a pretty girl. What were they thinking? And yes, this was the very day that the logo photo above was my favorite shirt! One of my ex-employees recalls me wearing it to work as late as 1990 or so. Not long after that would have been then, when my wife donated it to Goodwill.

My recollection was that I got my worst grade ever on my Physics exam but it says here I passed with an A for the year. My C--my absolute ONLY C ever by the way--was in Spanish.

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