Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 7th, 1976

Finally went to see ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN and it was much better than I thought! Some good flicks coming to town soon!

Got a few new books while I was out. Later I checked my Spidey collection. Yep! It's complete!

Got some new stuff that SS threw away. Should come in handy when I rearrange my office.

Finally the new TV's starting to mess up. Something tells me it's going to get worse.

The power went out for seemingly no reason last night overnight. Was out for about ten minutes at 3:30 this morning.

NOTES: Not sure why I had had doubts regarding ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN but it ended up being one of my favorite films of the seventies! I was already a Robert Redford fan and, while I hated THE GRADUATE (yes, I know. Everybody else loves it) I had enjoyed Dustin Hoffman in other things. It couldn't have been the political aspect of it as I had watched as much of the Watergate coverage as I could! In spite of my affinity for the counterculture, I had actually been a Nixon fan originally!

We had a new TV? What? I never considered that important enough to write about until something went wrong with it? I have vague memories of us ultimately having to return one and ending up with a different model but I don't recall if this was that time.

As for Spider-Man, again, I have NEVER had a complete collection of Spider-Man comics. What I was referring to here was that I had at that point a complete collection of Spider-Man STORIES! This meant that I was also including reprints of some of the various early--and already expensive--adventures. The issue seen here, # 8, was the earliest original I had ever had at that point, purchased for ten cents at Keith's Carry-Out around 1970, about 7 years after it had come out.

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