Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday, June 10th, 1976

Early today I went over the river. Smog--BLECCHH! I got all kinds of new books and a few oldies at OBS. HUSTLER was finally out but, wonder of wonders, I ran into Margie and Ricky shopping there so I skipped it. Man, he's gotten tall!

Coincidentally, Rachel and some of the others came down for a rare visit tonight. Rick's getting tall and Rachel's getting beautiful. We're all growing up. I took some pix and showed Ratch some shots of her that Mom had taken when she was like 4. Joan tried to get all philosophical about college. I don't know...

The TV man comes tomorrow.

Felt less despondent today.

NOTES: Seen here is a shot of cousin Ricky, myself and cousin Rachel taken about 15-20 years later.

Joan is Rachel's mother and Margie is Rick's mom.

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