Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday, June 18th, 1976

I saw an article on suicide at SS but didn't get a chance to read it. Maybe over the weekend.

Very little good on TV all day long.

The rain didn't wait too long to start, showing up at about 7 PM tonight.

My throat finally started getting a little better today.

Finally dropped off our new phone books but we missed giving them our old ones, darn it!

The mailman had to come back twice in the past couple hours. He keeps finding new mail for us! Hahaha.

I saw a LOGAN'S RUN behind the scenes film on TV just now.

NOTES: As previously noted, I was never really suicidal but I was infatuated with the concept like many teenagers. I guess the ones who take it further are ones in much worse situations than I was. I had great parents, I loved comic books and movies and I was doing quite well in least as far as grades.

In the old days, the telephone company would bring new telephone books around to your house every June. You'd get a White Pages and a Yellow Pages and you'd give them your old used ones--often after ripping off the back cover where you'd doodled a hundred important names and numbers--so they could recycle them. Things change. Now we get three or for different yellow pages per year and no white pages unless you ask apparently. We don't. And we toss the Yellow Pages. It's too much simpler just to look up a number online. I even know one low profile site where I can find celebrity phone numbers in minutes...and no, I'm not telling you but it's been my experience they are accurate.

In the seventies, the major movie studios often made little "Making of" featurettes for their big films. These would sometimes be given to local TV stations to be used as filler for them--publicity for the film. That's what this LOGAN'S RUN piece was. These are the kinds of things you find nowadays as DVD extras.

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