Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday, May 31st, 1976

Got up early to watch mark Wilson on ABC.

STAR TREK has been taken off the air starting today. No more reruns until Omnicon I guess.

We decided not to go to King's Island because of threatening rains which materialized early this evening.

I prepared my studies for my last real class of the 11th grade this afternoon and then watched Max Fleischer's 1939 GULLIVER film. Later I watched Groucho on with Merv and worked up my disguise again.

I just bathed and shaved and found a book to take to read after the exam tomorrow. Off to bed now.

NOTES: I used to love Cincinnati's Coney Island as a child but as I came to realize how bad my motion sickness was, I quit riding rides. By the time its replacement, King's Island, opened in the early seventies, I just wasn't that impressed. It was pretty--VERY pretty...but I couldn't ride anything stronger than the Hanna-Barbera kiddie ride. It was also a loooong bus-ride away (keeping in mind that my dad just hated to drive long distances for some reason. It's actually only about 25-35 minutes by car even now!). By this point in mid-decade, there were actually times when my sixty-something parents would go without me.

Mark Wilson was a marvelous magician who starred in one of my favorite TV shows when I was a toddler--THE MAGIC LAND OF ALAKAZAM! Although he was still working regularly, he hadn't done much TV in years so when he did, I always tried to catch him. He was the "technical expert" on Bill Bixby's series, THE MAGICIAN in the 1973-74 season.

One of the first books I bought for what would become Booksteve's Library was THE MARX BROTHERS SCRAPBOOK. The Marx Brothers--especially Groucho--became pop culture gods to me. It was sad to see Groucho in later years but at the same time cool that he was still hanging in there!

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