Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 5th, 1976

Got a few things over the river after school including one comic I somehow missed at the Con.

Tonight I wrote an entirely new short story for English!

After the Physics Exam, seniors just slide out of the year.

Saw Linda on several EXORCIST commercials tonight. Funny how I had six months of anticipation and trouble to see it a couple years ago and now I have the opportunity and I don't need to!

NOTES: I'm not sure what that line about the seniors meant. Perhaps their school year ended earlier so they could spend time with graduation preparation?

I had become obsessed with seeing THE EXORCIST after seeing a write-up in TIME at school just before the film was released. This was not so much that I was a horror film buff (although I was) but I had immediately crushed on Linda Blair from the first pic I saw of her real self. The problem was that the film had not opened widely in Cincinnati and was nowhere to be seen either downtown, in Northern Kentucky or at any of the suburban venues on my bus routes. At one point, I had convinced my dad to go with me and figured out an elaborate double bus route...but one of the buses never arrived and it was cold so we slipped into a nearby theater to watch a DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER reissue instead. Finally, six months later, THE EXORCIST opened in Covington and my mom (of all people!) went with me to see it. By that point, it couldn't possibly have lived up to all I'd heard about it. It didn't. I did, however, remain at least a tad fixated on Linda for decades afterwards!

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