Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 17th, 1976

Rain all day long and SO hot!

IT for the second day in a row. I stayed home from school again (not because if IT). My stomach was really hurting but I think maybe it was a psychological reaction to my work problem.

Even though I was home, i finished my story and then worked on my history.

I saw WONDER WOMAN and the Reds on MIKE DOUGLAS. Also the Emmys and Rona on DONAHUE. Also saw Buzz Aldrin, of all people, on TATTLETALES.

NOTES: I have no idea from the way I worded the above if I saw Lynda Carter and members of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW or if I watched an episode of WONDER WOMAN and then saw the baseball players with Mike.

Buzz Aldrin, of course, was the second man on the moon. Unlike the first, Neil Armstrong, Buzz always seemed to revel in the limelight and was often seen in TV cameos as well as on talk shows and game shows...such as Bert Convy's TATTLETALES which was sort of THE NEWLYWED GAME with celebs. More recently, Buzz was seen on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

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  1. Since" Wonder Woman " is in all caps, and the other TV shows are as well, you probably watched an episode of the show, and THEN watched the Reds on the Mike Douglas show.