Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday, May 1st, 1976

Got a great new SUPERMAN book that's mainly about the TV series! Also saw the DC Origins book but didn't have enough money. I also picked up a new Wings poster in Cincy and then took the bus over to Newport to catch Hitch's FAMILY PLOT!

While I was out, Mom picked me up the third of those classical music albums.

NOTES: SUPERMAN--SERIAL TO CEREAL by Gary Grossman is still one of the best books on a TV series. This was part of a series edited by Leonard Maltin, some of which were mass markets and some of which, like this one, were trade paperbacks. All of them were written with the true fan/buff in mind.

The George Reeves ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN TV series was an early favorite and I was devastated when I learned that Reeves had, in fact, died not long after I was born. This book was the first place I learned of the controversial circumstances surrounding that death.

Author Gary Grossman has gone on to a have an interesting life, himself. See here:


  1. So was it murder or suicide? Your opinion?

  2. I tend to lean toward the accidental suicide theory. He really wasn't all that depressed by most accounts as they were getting ready to start the series back up and he was reportedly set to direct a number of episodes, moving behind the camera to avoid the issues of type-casting. He was, however, said to be drunk and therefore capable of worse than normal judgement. It's said he liked Russian Roulette which never made sense to me on any level! At this point, it's all conjecture. We've probably heard the true story but we'll never know which one it is.