Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday, May 7th, 1976

Basically another drab day. We got out early but, as usual, I still had to wait on the bus so I didn't get home 'til 3:15 and I had to stand all the way.

Terry Bragg accidentally killed himself.

At school, we had to turn our Journals in again. Today was the Prom. Well, tonight rather. Nothing to do with me, of course.

To complete my bad day, IT also happened yet again.

McCartney replaces Linda Blair on my wall at least for now. Makes a good change. In fact, the only good news today was I learned more about the Wings concert coming up. I couldn't keep the article but it said they were doing 26 songs in two hours and fifteen minutes...and 5 of the songs are Beatles tunes!! I just hope I can get through it as easily as I have such other crises as the Dayton thing which turned out wonderful. Boy, it should be great!

NOTES: The reason I considered this a bad day was really Terry Bragg.

Terry Bragg was a teenager a year or two younger than me. He lived at the side edge of the alley right behind the Social Security office where we worked doing after hours cleaning. He had three brothers, two a bit older and one my age who had long been what is now referred to as a "frenemy." Sometimes we would hang out together, other times he would beat me up for my lunch money. I didn't really know Terry all that well but his death kind of hit me spite of the simple mention of it here. It was the first time someone I actually knew had died of a drug-related death. His body had been found along the Licking River bank just past where it intersects with the Ohio. He was said to have turned blue from huffing PAM. I had never even heard of that and certainly couldn't even imagine anyone I knew doing such a thing. To this day, when I see the stuff in stores, I remember Terry...a boy I barely knew... and then buy the generic brand.

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