Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, May 15th, 1976

A more or less pre-planned day. I enjoyed the movie HUSTLE and then enjoyed the new HUSTLER.

Went out to the NKBS. They finally got everything completely arranged but I ended up not buying anything but 3 more issues of MAN-THING.

I saw HARPER on the tube.

In other news, it rained a bit, the paper came way late again, there was a tornado watch and Mr. Gerstenhaber came through finally with my package. We had to finally use the fans tonight.

NOTES: We never had air-conditioning growing up but we always had lots of fans. On those particularly sticky, humid Ohio Valley nights, I would have a full-size electric fan sitting on a kitchen chair pointed directly at me in bed. It helped...a little.

HARPER was Paul Newman's movie based on Ross McDonald's detective character, Archer. Supposedly Newman felt that his biggest hits like HUD and HOMBRE all started with "H" so he had enough clout to have them change his character's name.

Perhaps surprisingly, Paul Newman was NOT in HUSTLE. HUSTLE was one of those rare films where someone gave number one box office star of the mid to late seventies, Burt Reynolds, a real chance to act. It is not a great film but Reynolds gives a solid performance most unlike his normal good ol' boy persona.

In spite of the double-entendre title, Steve Gerber's Marvel title MAN-THING was one of the best written and most mature comic books being published in the seventies. It had also been the birthplace of HOWARD THE DUCK.

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